At Melbourn Playgroup and Moos we include everyone into our safe and welcoming space.

We provide a fun, stimulating and challenging environment which includes a spacious, well equipped outside area.

We support all our children to develop by providing carefully planned play activities which build on what they can already do and provides opportunities for learning.

We value everyone as individuals and nurture creativity, imagination and curiosity as well as respect, kindness, co-operation and resilience.

We offer a high ratio of skilled adults who work closely together with parents to ensure the best for all the children.

Playgroup and Moos temporarily closed

Dates 2019/2020


Autumn Term

  • Wednesday 4th September 2019 - Start of Autumn Term

  • Friday 20th December 2019 - End of Autumn Term

Spring Term

  • Tuesday 7th January 2020 - Start of Spring Term

  • 17th - 21st February 2020 - Half Term (Holiday Club)

  • Friday 3rd April 2020 - End of Spring Term

Summer Term​​

  • Monday 20th April 2020 - Start of Summer Term

  • 21st and 22nd May 2020 - Closed

  • 25th - 29th May 2020 - Half Term (Holiday Club)

  • Tuesday 21st July 2020 - End of Summer Term

  • September 2019
  • November 2019
  • January 2020

Curious minds; Creative thinkers; Kind hearts

Melbourn Playgroup & Moos

Shared entrance with Children's Centre

Mortlock Street



office@melbournplaygroup.org.uk for Playgroup matters

moos@melbournplaygroup.org.uk for MOOS matters

Call:  01763 223459

Text: 07842 151512

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