Melbourn Playgroup and Out of School Club is a registered charity managed by a committee. The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting by the parents of children who attend the Playgroup and Out of School Club.

The committee is responsible for:

  • managing Playgroup and MOOS’s finances

  • employing and managing the staff

  • making sure that Playgroup and MOOS has – and works to policies that help it to provide a high-quality service

  • making sure that Playgroup and MOOS work in partnership with the children’s parents

We rely on parental involvement for ideas, support and fund-raising. Helping the committee is a great way to meet people and also be actively involved in your child’s time here.

Your Committee


Sarah Toule


Amanda Virassamy-Poulle


Aisha Asker



Anna Lovelace, Jennifer Grundy, July Rusted and Angela Valente

We are always happy to welcome new members and equally appreciate any ideas or feedback you may have. If you would like any further information on the committee or have a query please talk to Sarah Toule or speak to any member of the committee.



At Melbourn Playgroup and Out of School Club we have adopted the Pre-School Alliance (now known as the Early Years Alliance) Constitution - Constitution 2013


Curious minds; Creative thinkers; Kind hearts

Melbourn Playgroup & Moos

Shared entrance with Children's Centre

Mortlock Street


SG8 6DB for Playgroup matters for MOOS matters

Call:  01763 223459

Text: 07842 151512

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